10 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

1-DIY Christmas decoracion

A fun arts and crafts project for a cozy afternoon. Details

2-Reindeer Ornament

A fun DIY you can do with your family. Details

3-Mitten Garland

Put them to good use with a fun DIY mitten garland.  Details

4-Clay Rainbow Ornament

Use their imagination while painting these semi-circle ornaments. Details

5-Iridescent Gold Splatter Ornament

Make your own by filling clear glass ornaments with different acrylic paint colors. Details

6-Striking Star Ornament

These wooden safety matches become a red-hot star. Details

7-Wrap Garland Around Bedposts

Your kids won’t have to worry about any rogue pine needles just weave it between the bedposts and bed frame to ensure that it stays in place all night long. Tutorial here

8-Decorate a Tabletop Tree

A diminutive tree feels just as majestic as an eight-footer when perched atop a table. Click here

9-Build a Makeshift Fireplace

Attach this cloth wall hanging, hang stockings with care, and easily remove it once the festivities are over. Tutorial here

10-Deck the Walls

Enter this gift-covered bookshelf, complete with matching wrapping paper and black, white, and silver touches.Full tutorial